She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Did You Ever Wish It Didn't Sell

Did you ever wish something didn't sell... Well this dresser has been sitting in The Vitnage Attic's room at Valley Antiques for some time now. I don't know why it hasn't sold, it's only $179.00, maybe it's the unappealing way I have it decorated... So the other night I had this great idea of bringing it back to the workshop and doing something different to it. So I went out and got some stencils, they are not cheap but, I did save 50% off on each pack.. Now today I need to go get the dresser and I pray it hasn't sold. Can't wait to get to work on it and , to show you it's new look.


Have A Blessed Weekend,


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The Vintage Attic said...

Thanks Carol:)
Typo's are my specialty, writing is not..