She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ribbon Lamp Shade

Hey don't throw out those old shades!!

They can look like this....

I really like the base of this lamp, it lights up too.
(In the first pic you can see it better).

Here is how to make your own,

find and old shade, make sure your shade has good bones, you need ones that have wire attached to the top and bottom of the shade, that way when you take off the shade your left with a solid frame.

then just tie your ribbon on.
when buying ribbon, you will need ALOT of it, so check the price of it first depending on how much you want your shade to cost you.

The white ribbon shade above took 72 to 78 yards of ribbon,

the shade in this tutorial took 96 yards of ribbon.

I'm joining Susan for Metamorphosis Monday

Have Fun!

Industrials All The Rave

There isn't any style home decor that you can't put some industrial charm in.

Typewriter table with flip top on side for extra space, how fab!
just tie a seat coushion on the metal chair for comfort and to soften it up.
Be Blessed

Polka Dots

I had a lady email me about The Vintage Attic still having those polka dot suitcases from our other store in Waynesboro, you know the one we closed in Aug of 2009.
I had to chuckle a little, the set thats in our space/room now is about the 10th set we had since the close of The Vintage Attic's shop in Waynesboro.
When one set sells I'm ready to bring in another one,
I love these suitcases,
I had ladys tell me when they see the red with white polka dots they think of
The Vintage Attic,
so we must keep them coming..
To the lady that stopped in today and wanted the dresser in our front cover ad for Great Deals Savings Magazine.
Sorry to say that sold just a couple of days ago, but don't fear we will be on the look out for one, just for you.. so check back often I'll post a pic.
Have a Fabulous Day

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
to all my blogging friends
Hope this day brings love to your hearts.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All You Paris Lady's

I found these chairs at an auction, They didn't look like they do now.
The chairs had that 1970's yellow shag fabric on the seats
and they were painted brown with a fake wood look.
They were just lovely (not).
I have to say, love it when I'm at an auction and no one there can see past how bad they look, that means the price may be just right.
And so it was for the lady that bought them from The Vintage Attic's room yesterday.
I am so bad about taking before picures, when I get home from an auction I jump right in to working on the thing I bought, that I forget about the before photo.
I'm linking with
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paint, Painting & Painted

Hey firends guess where this pic was taken at...
some of you got it right, at my booth space.
I know, I know, I just painted the walls a couple of months ago, a beautiful light blue.
The blue worked for a while but for now I really want to tone it down,
I went with a color called antique lace.
I really like how it looks,
makes for a great back drop for the photos I take in the room

You wouldn't think that white on beige would make the white furniture pop, but it does so much more than the blue color I used on the walls.
I did all this painting yesterday, with all my items still in the room, I did finished it in one day, didn't think I would, with having to move everything.
Now I'm off to my booth space to put it all back together.
more photos coming tonight.

Oh I forgot to tell you, I rented another space in the same shop I'm in.
Doing very well needed to add on.
See you soon,