She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Here it is the room I'm moving into the first of June at Valley Antiques & Uniques, ( I already have a space there and I am doing well, but I love the room it looks like it's own little store and it's 250 sq feet.
I also get the little space outside of the room to the left of this pic.
I want to paint the room, but I can't paint the trim, there is another room in the shop with a color on it that looks good and it's a color from the rug that I can't paint either.

the rug,

the color of the other room,

I really don't want to leave it white, because I sale alot of white furniture and it would all just blend together.
So what do you think?
I haven't bought the paint yet, if someone out there in blogland has any other idea's please let me know.


Linda said...

I personally might go with one of the paler shades of green in the rug. That is just me though.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Melissa, i would paint it either the pale green or the blue from the carpet--not the coral so to distinguish it from the other room. I'm leaning towards the blue because your stuff would POP against it!

Tanya said...

I also vote blue! If you can afford it or find it, though, I think you could make a big difference in the room by putting down a big sisal carpet over the existing rug. Would give the whole space a more modern touch, and you can roll it up and take it with you when you go!

Kari said...

I would go with the light green, not only will it compliment the rug bt it compliments that outside trim. And it will be a eye follower so to speak. People notice dark green trim and look inside the windows to see the pleasing complimentary green. its a composition thing. I also think you would get sick of seeing that peach in no time flat.
If you wanted to, you could do a very light pink that would be a compliment to that peach. VERY light pink though, enough to accent your furniture and give your place a unique look. Love the room though there is something inviting about it. A "Hey step in here" feel!

Kari said...

Oh and what Tanya said! DO SISAL!!! That, it's to much color and pattern for an antique store.

Andrea said...

I opt for a very very light shade of blue. Your white furniture would look fabulous against it as you already know from the color of your shabby chic wall at your previous store, and blue can also be "countrified" with those kind of primitive accessories that you sell a lot of. Antiques would also look nice next to it. I just can't see the pale green or even the peachy salmon color complimenting all of the things that I know you sell. But of course, that's just my opinion and we all know that opinions are like noses...everybody has one and they all smell!!!!! LOL

Doni said...

Oh my...that carpet...yuk! I can't believe they're leaving that in there! Can you take it up? covering it would be great, but you'd possibly have the problem of tripping to deal with. I love the idea of painting the room with a light shade of pink though...and possibley with a drop of brown in it to taupe it up a bit...age it. I think it would go well with the rest of the place, be feminine enough to go with your white stuff, and draw the eye to the furnishings and items for sale rather than compete with them. Lighting can make a difference too, and keep things off that carpet! Make people look a bit higher than floor level!!!! congrats on your new space and please let us know how it goes!!!

My Casa Bella said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your new space, see I knew you'd still be around!!
You do have a tough one there, but I was thinking, how about a pale green? A shabby chic green? It is tough since you can't paint the trim and you don't want to use the same color as the other vendor there, but since your trim is green, and there's a pale green in the rug I would get a sample first and try it.