She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Friday, April 9, 2010

Have A Great Weekend

I came across some really cool junk this past week at a yard sale and an auction.
Just love these old file cabinet drawers, so many things you can do with them.
And then there is these vintage rusty locker baskets, I had a hard time putting a price on them, because I wanted to keep them.

not a real good picture of this white metal cabinet, but you can see top to bottom, it's not that big, just the right size to fit anywhere.

How cool are the old metal and wood pulleys,

This fan works so great it has that sound to it that reminds you of old hot summer days sitting on the porch with grandmom snappping greenbeans and sipping on a icetea.

What beautiful dolls...I have several bride dolls that I just put in my space but this one is my fav!

Have a Great Weekend!
What in the world happened to the weather, we had temps in the 90s this week and today it only hit 50, now mind you we had the coldest winter ever, but today you would of thought it was in the teens. After enjoying summer in the spring, I didn't want spring back.
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Katy said...

PS Such lovely things!!! :0)

Katy said...

Hi there! How much are your metal baskets? And do you ever sell items other then in your shop :0) Blessings, Katy

Rosewood Cottage said...

awesome treasures! I especially love the aged drawers! :)
Happy Saturday!

House and Garden Boutique said...

Hi there, really like the tole tray. But my favorite photo is the bride doll. Wish I lived closer so I could see all the bride dolls in your booth. I have one myself that I just love. Have a fun weekend!

Christina said...

Great Finds! I am the same way with those metal baskets, just wanna keep them all!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

you scored some good stuff!!!