She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Is One To Do While Snowed In

This is the view from my kitchen window when I got up last Saturday morning.
The snow started Friday Feb 5, the kids got out of school early that day, the snow stopped Saturday around 3 pm. It left us with 26 inches of snow.
my window greenhouse is just about covered,
poor Samantha, she's just to short to walk in this snow,

There is nothing like some homemade creamy potato soup on a cold snowy day.
This is what I was doing inside while my hubby was out in the cold, fixin him some hot soup.

Oh yea and doing some scrapbooking, I have years of scrapbooking to catch up on so if it snowed all winter I don't think I would be cought up. Thats right it has been snowing all winter here in MD.

The new snickers dark, if you like dark chocolate this candy bar is a must. I wish I would of bought more than one, now I can't go anywhere to get another one, hate when that happens, you have a craving for something you know what it is but just can't go get it.
So I savored this one taking little bits making it last longer.

The weather man said we was getting more snow on Tuesday, this can't be the roads are still unpassable from the last snow storm. Monday morning the weather man said 1-3 inch, ok thats not so bad, then monday night he said 8 inches ugh we have weatered worse we'll get through it, then Tuesday morning the weather man yet again changes his mind, 12 to 18 inches.
The snow started about 11am Tuesday morning and stopped around 9pm Wednesday night, this time the weather man was right somewhere in between 12 & 18 inches more on the 18 inches side.

This is my light post from my front door.
If you go up a couple pic's you can see my light post in the pic of my hubby with the snowblower on our first snow. Compliments of the wind.

Along with the snow we got wind, that means snow drifts, so as the plows pushed the snow off the roads the wind puts it back on the roads.

While all roads were closed down my kids thought they would take advantage of this, Yes my youngest was being pulled on a sled from the back of a 4 wheel drive, on the streets in our neighborhood.

He was having a blast..

my oldest and my youngest. What is it about being the oldest that gives you the right of passage to pick on the youngest, I have to say though the oldest is the only one that can pick on the younges, Brad my oldest is a true big brother to Tanner my youngest, no one can pick on Tanner but Brad.
Ok time to come in from the cold, his little face is nice and rosie, I remember as a kid we would stay out until the snow would freeze to our eyelashes, at that point it just didn't matter anymore we were already numb from our head to our toes.
The kids here in Washington County MD don't have to return to school until Tuesday Febuary 16th. But thats not all the weather man once more is saying we may get more snow to start on Monday the 15 or Tuesday the 16, Oh my I want Spring to come so bad. I think our kids will be going to school all summer to make up for all the snow days. they have been out a total of 9 days so far this winter season.
One of the first things I had to do when the snow stopped was make a doggie walk for Samantha, boy was she happy. She don't like doing her business in the snow, and this way I can scoop later. When it was snowing I would take her out, she was so funny tip-toeing trying not to get to much snow on herself. She is not that big so squatting in the snow for her was quite cold...

Ok Samantha I won't take any pic's of you doing your business. Off to the yard she goes..

If you've been following my blog you might of heard of me talking about the booth I got, I'll be moving in the first of March, so while it's snowing I might as well price my auction finds.
Here is just a couple of items I'll be putting in my booth space. I can't believe I only have about two weeks to get it ready. I don't have enought items to fill it I need so much more furniture, with us being snowed in this week all the auctions in my area have closed, nor could I have gotten to any with all this snow.
Most of the items for my booth are priced and packed up, the furniture is stacked in the garage. I wasn't going to show you any until the booth was open, so here you go just a small sneek peek.

Not these, my dear sister knows how much I like Eiffel Tower decor, so while she was out shopping she seen these Eiffel Tower coaster and got them for me for an early Valentine's gift, I just love them!!! Thanks Andrea.

Ok bloggers this is my 99th post, so you know what that means my next post will be for my 100th post giveaway, so follow this blog so you know when it is. Also check my sidebar for what I'm givingaway to one blessed blogger, I will be adding some items to the box before it ships. I would be greatful if you would tell all your bloggers friends about the giveaway.

God Bless,



Andrea said...

I really enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks for all of the pics. You know, I didn't take one single pic of this snowstorm. I guess I should, huh? I cannot wait for your giveaway! I hope I win!!!!!! I love everything and whoever does win will be one vey blessed person indeed! Oh, and I'm glad you love those coasters cause I sure did too!

vintagesue said...

oh my gosh...i adore your photos!!!!! you got more snow than we did. wow. but we got quite a bit!!!! my southern friends are so smitten with their 4" and 8" falls and that is tons for the south!!! they need to come up here and drown in it, right?
the soup looks yummy. the chocolate...well...of course and your finds are amazing.
hang in there!!!!! we'll see what monday brings....
cheers to you!!!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Now that's a heap of snow! The pics of the sidewalk really brought it home! Stay warm!