She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Saturday, January 30, 2010


It all started the other day when sitting at a Doctors appointment with my sister, well it started days before, but it was brought to my attention on this day, that I have been a scatterbrain.
Ok I was sitting at my sister's dr apt. with her, she needed me to go along to take picture's. anyway I was making fun of her choice of socks to wear for a Dr. apt. When she looked down at my shoes and started to laugh. I had put on one black and one brown boot on for the day. Now it was 3:00pm at this point and I left my house at 9:am that moring, I have been all over town with these boots on...and this is just the start of me realizing how scatterbrained I have been. Oh yea, I was supposed to be at the appointment at 1:45 and showed up at 1:15 because I just couldn't remember what time she told me to be there just 1 hour before.
I hope you follow along with this post because I have been all over the place in my head. I have had a headcold that is causing me to scatterbrained. My husband says it's not the cold it's who I am, whatever honey...

earlier in the day my husband and I had to deliver a load of white destressed furniture about a hour away, so I packed some things so I could do some sewing on the way. I sewed one bird with ribbon and forgot to add ribbon to the other two. I'll post about my birds later.

We got to the shop we deliver the furniture to, went in made the delivery, got back into the car and couldn't find my sewing needle, I looked everwhere, except on the side of my jeans where I stuck it before we went into the shop.

That was Wednesday, since that I have missed placed my coffee cup in the house still looking for it, I have fried hardboiled eggs that I just wanted to boil, put the dog in the spare room when company came over so she wouldn't jump on them and forgot I put her in there 5 hours later she got mad and barked, or she would still be in that room, I left the stove on after fixing dinner, when my husband put his plate in the sink thats when he saw the stove was still on. Left the milk sit out for hours on the kitchen counter, when I got home the milk was warm.
I just don't know who much more I can take!
Then I went to the grocery store with a list.
on my list I had bacon and eggs, I came across this coupon on the shelf by the bacon, it said buy two boxes of bacon and get 1$ off eggs, ok I just needed one box of bacon but I'll buy two, bacon is a favorite at our house someone will surly eat it.
Went to the check out ( my husband and I always play this guessing game at the checkout called guess how much we spent, I was 5$ off he was 55$ off, I haven't totally lost it). ok anyway lets get back on track. I checked out, we went to the car, it was cold outside, so I asked my husband for the keys while he loaded up the grocery's, no need for both of us to be cold, so I could start the car. He put the cart away and got in the car, he said where's the keys, I said I don't know you drove, duh, he said I just gave you the keys to start the car, I didn't start the car and I forgot I had the keys.
Then I looked down and saw that I had that stupid coupon in my pocket, I wouldn't have bought that extra bacon pack without the coupon. So I didn't get a dollor off of my eggs and i spent an extra 2.99 that I didn't need to spend, I hate when that happens!!

I started the washing machin and when it was done I relized I never put the cloths in it, that was this morning.
I just know there is more, I'm feeling a little scatterbrained right now to think of them, oh yea I just remember, this is a good one.
I went to Sam's club today because I needed more tissues, I didn't need just a box I needed a whole skidload of them the way my nose's is running so I went to the place I could buy them by bulk! When I left Sam's the snow was coming down really good by now, a bit blinding
( I'm blaming the snow)
I couldn't find my car, thank God for car alarms. I had to hit the alarm to find it two alise over.
I seem to be keeping myself very busy most of the day, it's just that I don't get anything done.
Ok thats not as bad as what my husband did the other day.
He went to Lowe's useing my van, when he left Lowe's 2 hours later ( why does it take them that long in there, whats up with that) well anyway, he was looking for his truck when he came out of Lowe's and couldn't find it, while in the parking lot he let out some @&%*@^& and a guy heard him, the guy asked whats wrong, my husband said someone stole my truck (at this point I'm laughing so hard already LOL)!! The guy asked my husband did you let the keys in it, so my hubby said no there in my pocked, he pulled the keys out of his pocket and relized he had my van. Can you image how he felt after telling that guy his truck was stolen, yum yum he had to eat some humble pie, and I bet it was bitter! LOL!!
Is it just me? Or could I very well be losing my mind. At what point do I just lock myself inside in fear of doing something or should I say not doing something I should do, I have not however forgotten to pickup my son up from school, I think I'll let that job to my husband for now, but them again this might be wearing off on him some.
I'll be taking it easy until next time,
Scatterbrain aka Melissa


alice said...

I know I have been in your shoes! Well my husband has actually been in your brown and black shoes. Funny!!! enjoyed you post.
smiles, alice

Rosie said...

Hi This is the first time I have visited this blog. It is great. You remind me of my husband. He wore two left shoes to work and said his feet hurt and he did't know why and later found out he was wearing two left shoes and one of them was not even his. He must have been in a great hurry. We had a good laugh over it. Rosey

Andrea said...

Hilarious! Maybe you should stay inside for awhile. And I'm LOL at Rosie! That's a good one...2 left shoes! How do you do that? LOL

vintagesue said...

i have a day like that EVERYDAY. you are so funny. i love the bacon story and the needle in your pant leg. that is a crack up. i hope it's better now. i blame my air head on my age and having young kids at MY AGE. i am so with you. it's a creative brain thing i think.
hang in there!!! blame the snow. it's the snow.