She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Next Generation Of Junker's

My son's rings on his 3 ring binder came off, it tore so I couldn't fix it. He was playing with the rings when I said, Tanner what are you going to do with that? In my next breath before he could answer, I said, throw that thing away. Well, you would of thought I told him to throw his favorite toy away or something. He said mom I going to do something with it, wonder were he gets that from. I couldn't say anything about that, I say it all the time when my husband say's to me, are you going to do somthing with that stuff soon.
So I give him a time limit to come up with what he wanted to make out of it. First he wanted to hang it on his bedroom wall and put his fishing rods in the loops, great idea but I just don't want the fishing rods in his bedroom and his dad already has a contraption in the garage for them.
The next thing he wanted to make was a great idea also, so thats what we made. On the
refrigerator there is art work from Tanner and my nephews, I don't want to take them down because they are so proud of there art, but my frig is on over load, so Tanner came up with a way we can keep them out.
I had a piece of wood left over from when we made my desk out of an old door ( yes I kept the scrap wood and I'm glad I did now).
So I screwed the rings from the binder on the top part of the wood just were Tanner told me to.
Thats simple enough, now we have a display for all the art work.
You can flip up the art and see it all, Tanner helped me make up a front cover that we will change for holidays and seasons.

Taaaa Daaaaa!!
My child save's everything just like his mom , sometime's thats a good thing.
Happy Valentine's Day,


Andrea said...

Train up a child in the way he should go.....Great job, Tanner! Very creative. And how sweet of you to show off Ezra's artwork on your blog, I can't wait to show him!


Great post girlfriend. See ya soon. said...

That's a great idea, your son certainly takes after his Mom. My kids are 4 & one day I came into the playroom to find ALL of their toys piled high. They told me they were playing 'garage sale', then my son tryed to sell me his old fishing pole! Chip off the old block, huh? Lisa

vintagesue said...

yes...sometimes it is a good!!! my friends always say the apple doesn't fall far from the
zoey used to push her baby stroller around and collect things in the house and go 'junkin'.
thanks for the laugh.

Julia from findingbeauty@home and BellePapier said...

Super cute!

Kim said...

What a great little mind. This turned out cute.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a great idea~

tara said...

Wow, great idea. Would work in the bathroom to hold blow dryers and such ( I have 3 girls). Keep it up.