She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Little Entrepreneur Made The Papers

The news paper article that was printed in todays paper about my little entrepreneur. read story below or click on link above.
HAGERSTOWN — Tanner Sayler sells nostalgia and adults are eating it up.
The Hagerstown entrepreneur is the owner of a retro candy business, which features sweets from the past 40 years.
Remember Pop Rocks, Whistle Pops, Teaberry Gum and Spree?
Thanks to Tanner, grown-ups can revisit their childhood and be kids in a candy shop once again.
But this isn’t some baby boomer reliving the past.
This businessman is 11 years old.
A sixth-grader at Northern Middle School, Tanner began selling candy about five years ago, when his parents, Jim and Melissa Sayler, owned a home decor shop in Waynesboro, Pa., called The Vintage Attic.
He started out with one jar on the counter, stocking it with candy purchased with his allowance.
When the business closed last year, his mother began selling some of her products at By Grace, a store near the square in downtown Hagerstown that features handmade furniture and crafts.
“We didn’t want to discourage Tanner’s ambitions,” Melissa Sayler said. “So I invited him to share space with me in my corner of the shop.”
But this time around, instead of candy that could be found on any store shelf, Tanner decided to go retro.
“We did some research, got a wholesale book and began buying candy that adults would remember from their childhood,” Melissa Sayler said.
Tanner said he was unfamiliar with the names of most of the candy, but had a helping hand in making selections from his parents.
But he does admit to taste-testing the products before selling them to the public.
Among his favorites, he said, are Wax Bottles, while his mother likes the marshmallow ice cream cones.
His best sellers are Sugar Daddies on a stick and Cowtails.
Tanner said business has been very good with a lot of repeat customers.
“I would love to see him have his own space some day,” store manager Randy Samu said.
Samu said the candy brings a smile to the faces of many customers who recognize the treats from days gone by — including a woman in her 80s whose eyes lighted up at the sight of Sugar Daddies on a stick.
“When she was young, she was courted by a boy who took her to the movies,” Samu said. “He always came with Sugar Daddies because they would last the whole movie and they wouldn’t have to buy candy at the theater. She said the candy really brought back memories.”
Tanner said he puts aside 10 percent of his profits for tithing to his church and the rest goes into a savings account.
By the time he is 18 years old, he hopes to have enough money for a down payment on a Ford Mustang.
“At this rate, he should have a nice sum of money,” Melissa Sayler said. “I think he’ll have a real sense of accomplishment.”
Tanner said many of his classmates aren’t aware that he has his own business, except for those who were in his elementary school last year.
“I brought in candy for everyone in my class,” he said. “The kids and my teacher thought it was pretty cool.”
While he has developed a knack for business, Tanner said he hopes to go to college to become a veterinarian.
“He always has loved animals,” Melissa Sayler said. “We’d have a zoo at home if we let him.”
Tanner said his candy ranges in price from 25 cents to $1.50. Customers can make selections from about 24 different varieties, including Boston Baked Beans, Mountain Taffy, candy necklaces, extra large Smarties, Nik L Nip, Gold Mine bubble gum, Lemonhead, Sixlets and chewable mustaches.
“It’s fun,” Tanner said of his business venture. “I like seeing what sells the most each week and I like stocking the shelves.”
But he especially loves when the boxes of candy are shipped to his door.
“That’s when I get to sample everything,” he said.
'So proud of Tanner! I know this is just a start for you. Tanner you are destined to do great things".
God Bless,


My Casa Bella said...

How cute!! OMGosh Melissa, he looks like Jim in this picture, WOW!!

patinamarie said...

What an inspiring story!

Amazing what some can accomplish, when so many others are just sitting around complaining about their "lot" - yet doing nothing about it.

Congrats to your son of reaching for his goals of owning a Mustang and becoming a Vet. Sounds like he is a go-getter and can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

Ps. Do you remember 7-up bars? A candy bar segmented with seven different flavors? Used to get them as a kid, at the corner market when we visited our great-grandma in Seaside, Oregon. They were my moms favorites! Haven't seen them in years!!!!


Stacey said...

Hi Melissa. I saw that you joined the followers thingy on my blog so I came over to visit. :)

The article about your son is amazing! What a smart way to have fun and make money. He's selling something that pleases people.

My younger son is Tanner also. He is 17 and a senior in high school.

Lorie said...