She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Opening An Old Door

Some of you will know exactly what I'm talking about.
I have been looking everywhere for old weather, worn and wonderful doors. I searched the Goodwill, Salvation Army thrift store, Rescue Mission thrift store, Habitat for Hummanity restore, two local acutions, and a couple of flea markets, with NO luck!!
So off to Lowe's I go, thinking I might be able to pick up two wood doors for about $40 each. I don't think so, Lowe's is not the Lowe'sT like the commercials say, at $90 a door and no caracter, I just can't bring my self to buy them.
Not just that I want the charm of a vintage door, I want a door with a story, you know one that was opened just see a loved one come home from the war or the one that was slammed for the last time never to return, the one that was opened to bring your first child home or the door that a newlywed couple opened to start their happily ever after.. The doors at Lowe's just don't have that...there is no heart in them...

So I talked my hubbby Jim into a road trip, I was not going to come home with out doors. I know we stoped in about 10 to 15 shops, it was getting late, we had to be home to get Tanner off the school bus, so we headed back. I was feeling a bit defeated,
about to give up, when Jim said hey we missed this shop on the way up because it was closed, do ya whatta stop? well yea!!
there they were, doors glorious doors.. you would of thought I found Gold..

Gas spent for a trip up and back Rt30 in PA $20, for three old vintage doors that I have been looking for for weeks $30, an old barber cabinet and some cool vintage scales $47.50, a day spent talking and laughing with my man while in and out of antique, vintage and junk shops, priceless!!

My wonderful hubby pressure washing my weathered worn and wonderful doors, that I will re-purpose... and give them yet another store to add to there charm..
Can you guess what I'm going to do with them?
God Bless,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Casa Bella / Cinnamon Apple Cake

before I get started baking, I had to have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow cream, drizzled with chocolate.
Now for the Cinnamon Apple Cake..

mix together dry ingredients..

mix together wet ingredients...

cut up apples...

add cinnamon and sugar to apples...

this is what it looks likes before baked..

this is what it looks like after it is out of the oven and,
your home is full of the aroma of cinnamon and apples...

would you like a piece of cinnamon apple cake,
take a plate and fork and help your self...

I got this recipe at a good friends blog, so for the recipe all you have to do is visit her blog..
Oh could you leave her a comment , let Arlene know, Melissa at The Vintage Attic sent you..
Enjoy, you will love it!!
God Bless,

Enchanting Small Town

The entrance to this home is so welcoming, I just want to climb the stairs and have a set, as if someone would come out and serve me a lemonade and a piece of apple pie...

This home was my absolute favorite, the white with the beach blue bead board ceiling, a wrap around pourch, I think it might be empty, looking for a realtor sign, it's calling my name.. oh no someone just went inside. I guess its not ment to be, besides it's not on the beach, I want mine on the beach..

Walking the street of a small town. We know about this town it's in the county we live in, but its not in our direct path of our busy lives, so we haven't been here in years and years. This particular Saturday we were passing through on our way to take our son to a sleep over at a friends house, on the way back through we stopped to enjoy the festival the town of Sharpsburg was having. What an enchanting place to visit..

Tie dyed T-shirt, hat with white flowers, enjoying popcorn on the square.

This antique buggy embellished the yard of this home..

Charming old stone home..

Town clock...

stained glass in church windows

great old home, just love the top pourch... I can see myself going out on the pourch in the morings with my cup of coffee saying good morning to the passing people..
does that only happen in the books I read anymore or is there still a place like Mayberry around...

Old stain glass...

There is something about small towns with charm that makes you want to live there, to be apart of such history, not to mention the hometown feel that you get from the people that live in a small town.. What a great feeling I left this town with.. What a great day!!
God Bless,