She Considers a field, and buys it,
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Proverbs 31: 16

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Day Rummaging At A Local Craft & Antique Fair

Yes I bought the letters, there was no way I could pass them up

Old linens,

Don't shot, I'm the good guy!!

Looking at the sun, that was awesome to see a hugh red ball of fire.

checking out some other planets..

Handmade game boards, these items were just beautiful, the inlay work in the game boards was just phenomenal..

Hand dipped bees wax candles, had to have some of those..

Tanner got to dip his own candles..

got to love topiaries, the plant this lady used was called Myrtle, I must pick some of this up at my local nursery..

I want, I want , Iwant this car, I just want the real deal. I can see myself and a friend out on a saturday morning junkin , don't worry it has a trunk, I'll fit some stuff in it.

Tanner wants this one.. but opted not to spend his money quite yet.

toleware pins another item I collect, I didn't buy any of these, priced to high..

Ineed another chandelier, but was the same deal as the pins to high of a price, I'll keep looking.
handmade brooms. Tanner got one for his dad, he will love it, thats the only kind of broom he will use in his work shop.
Oh my guy stuff..

ran into a fellow blogger, top to pic's of her space

time out for some fun..

old crate labels

antique & vintage boxes galore

this is what he spent his money on..

Grill to a Mustang Fast Back, Tanner has wanted a mustang since he was a couple years younger than he is now, and he will have to wait a few more years before that happens, but for now this will do, maybe he will have one sooner than later if he buys it one piece at a time. My boy is a true junk junkie. His dad is going to make him a shelf and mount the Mustang grill to it.

Chick feeder, it came home with me.. Not sure where it will endup but I know I'll love it..
Now that my shop is closed I have more time on weekend to spend out and about with my family and I have to say I'm lovin it..
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Arlene said...

Looks like alot of fun and a beautiful day to do it.

Lydia said...

Hi Melissa!

So nice meeting you at the show...and
Thanks for the write up about my booth at Boonsborough Days:).

The JUNK blocks look adorable.:) And my oldest, Alex, sent me a picture message at the show of the antique lamp.Then I went to see it. I could have wired it up and found a nice place for it my house, but, alas, wasn't ready to spend, when I didn't really need it.haha

And you hit Lucketts. I may go to Chartreuse after church. Have you been there? It's a bunch of barns, & Chartreuse is in the Lucketts store also.It's in Urbana, just a few minutes south of Frederick... (1x a month).

junkdreams said...

Wow...this looks like a great sale. Great finds.
Happy day.